FIFA scouts program arrives in futsal

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Among all the milestones that will make the FIFA Futsal World Cup Colombia 2016 an unforgettable event, it is hoped that one, in particular, will mark a turning point in the sport: the implementation of the ( FIFA Scout Program) Scout Ticket Programme at the competition for the first time.

“The objectives are ambitious,” said FIFA’s Event Manager Jaime Yarza. “We hope to create conditions that will help establish more professional futsal leagues around the world; help those that already exist, for example in Colombia; and increase the number of professional players in emerging markets, such as the USA.”

Tickets will be available to clubs, federations and their representatives, and can be acquired through FIFA. Ticket allocation will abide by strict selection criteria.

“The concept behind this programme lies in facilitating exchanges between interested parties in the sport,” continued Yarza. “Anything that helps ease the movement of players between leagues and regions will have a positive impact in the general technical development of futsal. It is a virtuous circle of collaboration.”

Similar programmes were employed in other FIFA competitions in 2015. At the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile, 50 clubs and associations from 19 countries took part, while at the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ in Canada the number was 24 from 19 nations. And those are just two examples.

So why is this happening now and not at previous Futsal World Cups? “Because futsal is at the stage of its development where it is important for the transfer market to fulfill its role in the growth of the sport,” explained Yarza.

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