Futsal Federation starts as the new space of the RFEF for futsal

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Futsal Federation


This program is in Spanish but it will be dedicated to the analysis of matches and will focus on delving into all the details of the play-offs that will end the season. Futsal Federation will also be issued periodically once the 2020/2021 season starts

A significant development for sport and, above all, for Spanish futsal. A new program begins which kicked off with the seal of approval by the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

Reports, interviews, summaries, analysis, among many other contents with which they will try to bring together all the sports news from their teams, their competitions, and their national teams in their different categories.

Futsal Federation is already here and it is here to stay

The First Division, Second Division, Women’s First Division, Women’s Second Division, Spanish Cup, Super Cup, S.M. El Rey, Copa de S.M. The Queen, Women’s Super Cup will have a place in the Futsal Federation. Without forgetting, of course, the u21, u19, and other national teams.

All this and much more, from now on, on the Futsal Federation. The futsal sports space that can be followed through their website www.rfef.es and through their channels and the social networks of the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

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