Arbitration support technology being used at the futsal play-off in Malaga, Spain

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After the satisfactory premiere of this arbitration technology in the Spanish Cup, the Technological Support for refereeing decisions will be used in the play-offs and, for the first time in the world, in a women’s soccer competition of any type

The great week of national futsal will count on the help of the Technological Support for the arbitration decisions. After using this system successfully in the Spanish Cup played in this same pavilion last March, this technology will be used in the play-offs for the First Division title, in the play-offs for promotion to the highest division and, for the first time in the world, in the play-off for the Women’s First Division title.

Pioneers worldwide

Women’s futsal will benefit for the first time with the help of this Technological Support for referees. Pedro Galán, president of the National Technical Commission for Futsal Referees, has been very satisfied with the support of FIFA in this project and the fact that the Royal Spanish Football Federation is a pioneer in this regard.

Previous test

Before the start of the competition, the referees carried out tests with this technology in the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Málaga. The referees have analyzed different game actions together with the professionals who operate cameras and computers, seeing instant replays to decide “goal, not goal” actions, among other match situations.

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