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Futsal Focus is delighted to announce the launch of Futsal and Proud.


For many years, Futsal Focus has had positive feedback by people across the industry, from around the world, requesting that we launch an online show/podcast. Due to this encouragement and feedback, we are delighted to launch ‘Futsal and Proud’. The show is hosted by our founder Stephen McGettigan, and it will start across social media, and later the episodes will be available across iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud among others. When we decide to launch across iTunes etc, we will make you aware.

To launch Futsal and Proud, our first guests are professional futsal player Carlos Ortiz, Spain’s captain, and a born leader, a former Inter Movistar player, and now with ACCS Futsal Club. He is joined on the show with his new club’s Head of International Projects, Awais Chaudry.

We discuss a range of topics concerning why Carlos decided to move to Paris to play for ACCS Futsal Club, the club itself, its development and the impact it hopes to have on French futsal. ACCS will soon take on FC Barcelona Futbol Sala in the UEFA Futsal Champions League round of 16, and we discuss the importance of the game, not just for ACCS, but for French futsal, among other topics.

It was a pleasure to have Carlos and Awais on our pilot episode and we are excited to publish the interview across our website and social media channels.  For now, we will be promoting the episode and will make it available soon. We plan to bring you interviews from around the world of futsal, to give all our followers the opportunity to learn about those involved in driving our sport forward.

If you would like to come on the show, email us at info@futsalfocus.net and tell us why, we look forward to your correspondence.

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