The Futsal Planet Awards and what they mean to the industry!

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Every year, Futsal Planet (the oldest media platform for Futsal promotion in English and was started by legendary futsal coach Mico Martic) organise the global awards called the Futsal Planet Annual Awards which has been happening every year for 21 years! But, what do these awards mean to the industry? Well, what they mean couldn’t have been described better than the words of Brazil’s national futsal head coach Marquinhos Xavier when he tweeted:

Yes, we do. It does not come from any entity in the Futsal worldwide, it comes from people who really love our sport, and don’t say it’s not official, value EVERYTHING we have because officially we haven’t received ANYTHING in a long time.”

“It is clear to see the joy of the nominees, professionals and clubs that fight tirelessly to develop FUTSAL in the world. It is clear to feel the anxiety for the dissemination of the list, which is reviewed by hundreds of experts around the world. It’s clear to feel the joy of having your work recognized …”

“FUTSAL needs it, it needs this recognition and looks forward to it every year. Congratulations to ALL the professionals and clubs recognised, and to those not on the list continue pursuing the goal to be on it. Nothing is more important in the world than the dream.”

“I would like to express my thanks to Futsal Planet for their dedication to keeping that hope alive. The world needs to come together, value what we have and find our true place.”

The winners of the awards were the following:

Best Female Goalkeeper in the World

  • Ana Catarina Silva Pereira (Portugal


Best Female Player in the World

  • Amanda Lyssa de Oliveira Crisostomo “Amandinha” (BRA)


Best Female Club in the World

  • Club Deportivo Burela Fútbol Sala (ESP)


Best Female Club Coach in the World

  • Cristiane de Souza (BRA)


Best Goalkeeper in the World

  • Leonardo De Melo Vieira Leite “Higuita” (BRA)


Best Referee in the World

  • Nikola Jelic (CRO) – UEFA


Best National Team in the World

  • Brazil


Best Club Coach in the World

  • Andreu Plaza Alvarez (ESP)


Best National Team Coach in the World – Dimitri Nicolaou Award

  • Jorge Gomes Braz (POR)


Best Club in the World

  • Barça (ESP)


Best Young Player in the World

  • Leonardo Caetano Silva “Leozinho” (BRA)


Best Player in the World

  • Carlos Vagner Gularte Filho “Ferrão” (BRA)


To see the rest of the names who were recognized for their performances and work, go to the Futsal Planet website here 

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