Gibraltar give green light for futsal, women’s football and youth football to return

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The Gibraltar Chronicle report that after a long wait women’s and youth football, alongside futsal will see its return as plans to roll out the sport receives the green light.


The Gibraltar FA has made the announcement stating “that Women’s Football, Youth Football, and Futsal will restart from this weekend.”

The three categories have seen their domestic competitions on halt since March with only training sessions allowed whilst the necessary protocols were agreed.

“We have, up to now, been fortunate to have had Women, Youngsters and Futsal back playing albeit in COVID restricted training sessions. The Gibraltar National League has been up and running now for three matchdays and the Gibraltar FA has been working very closely with the GSLA and Public Health to create a return to play protocol which fulfils the requirements set out by our local authorities and thus allow Women’s Football Youth Football and Futsal to start their respective seasons.”

‘The Gibraltar FA’s Technical Director, Desi Curry, will shortly be rolling out to all clubs, the competitions and formats which will begin as of this weekend.”

“We would like to everyone for their patience and at the same time express our sincere gratitude to all of Gibraltar’s authorities for all their efforts in working together, with us, to allow the return of Women’s Football, Futsal and Youth Football despite the ongoing global pandemic.”

“All the relevant protocols that have been set up will strictly be observed and controlled (as they have been so far in all training sessions) by our Gibraltar FA team of delegates, with the co-operation of club personnel, for which we are very grateful.”

Source of the article: Gibraltar Chronicle

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