Introducing the Philippines’ High 5 Futsal League: Elevating Philippine Futsal to New Heights

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High 5 Futsal League: Sparking a Futsal Revolution in the Philippines


Vic Hermans, Technical Director pf Futsal Philippine Football Federation (PFF) and Director Sports Education Henry V. Moran Foundation informs us that in a country where basketball often takes the spotlight, a rising star is making its mark on the local sports scene. The High 5 Futsal League, now in its second year for men and third year for women, is capturing the hearts of fans and players alike, ushering in a new era of another fast paced game in the Philippines.

Organised by The Henry V. Moran Foundation and spearheaded by league director and Dutch futsal legend, Vic Hermans, the High 5 Futsal League is more than just a sporting event—it’s a platform for talent development and national pride. Under the supervision of Aljoe Clarino for the women’s league and Dennis Montealto for the men’s league, the competition has flourished, showcasing the best futsal talents the Philippines has to offer.

The league’s mission goes beyond crowning champions; it aims to activate players who have graduated from collegiate futsal, providing them with a platform for continued growth and exposure. Additionally, it offers a higher level of competition for collegiate players, pushing them to excel and reach their full potential. Moreover, the league serves as a crucial avenue for promoting higher futsal competitions and scouting for national team players, laying the foundation for future success on the international stage.

Introducing the Philippines’ High 5 Futsal League: Elevating Philippine Futsal to New Heights

Looking ahead, the High 5 Futsal League expand its reach across the Philippines’ major regions. By establishing new admin person Jamielyn Nañez and 6 region officers in key locations such as Pangasinan and Naga for Luzon, Cebu and Iloilo for Visayas, and Davao and Cagayan de Oro for Mindanao, the league aims to establish its bases into untapped talent pools and foster futsal development nationwide.

This initiative represents a significant step forward for Philippine futsal, offering players opportunities for growth, communities avenues for engagement, and the nation a chance to shine on the global futsal stage. With the High 5 Futsal League leading the charge, the future of Philippine futsal looks brighter than ever before.

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