Futsal In The Philippines

Introducing the Philippines’ High 5 Futsal League: Elevating Philippine Futsal to New Heights
In a landscape traditionally dominated by basketball, the High 5 Futsal League emerges as a beacon of hope and excitement, ushering in a new era of sports in the Philippines, led by the visionary Vic Hermans and the Henry V. Moran Foundation.
Futsal behind bars: looking for a second chance through futsal
Futsal is a sport practiced in all parts of the world, even in the most restricted places, futsal crosses borders, and even bars. Futsal Focus spoke with Blanche Aliño, Community Relations Service Officer and Spokesperson of the Cebu City Jail - Male Dormitory in the Philippines.
Vic Hermans Launches the HIGH 5 Women’s Futsal League in the Philippines
Last year, the Philippine Football Federation piloted a U23 Women's Futsal League and hosted their first-ever women's international futsal match against Guam. These developments were so successful that they are now launching the HIGH 5 Women’s Futsal League.
Hosting a futsal international tournament in the Philippines
Kevin Goco, the head of the Futsal Department at the Philippine Football Federation gives readers an insight into the challenges he faced organizing a recent international futsal tournament for the women's national futsal team against Guam!
Philippine Women's National Futsal Team Face-Off Against Guam
The Philippine Football Federation (PFF) will be hosting the first-ever international futsal friendlies between the Philippine Women's National Futsal Team (or the PINAY5) and the Guam Women’s National Team.
An in-depth and insightful look at futsal development in the Philippines
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Kevin Goco the head of the futsal department at the Philippine Football Federation discusses in detail futsal development in the Philippines.
Futsal is rapidly growing in the Philippines
Philippines: As of 2020, over 500 public schools (298 in Metro Manila) spread across seven regions in the Philippines were playing futsal largely through the efforts of Danny Moran and the Henry V. Moran Foundation’s (Moran Foundation) “Liga Eskwela Futsal” program.
Allianz's Futsal program wins the Silver Award for Best Youth Sports Development Program
Allianz PNB Life was awarded a Silver Award in the "Best Youth Sports Development Program" category for its futsal program at the Sports Industry Awards (SPIA)