The LNFS clubs had a media return of € 37,245,535 in the First Division during the months of October and November

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Osasuna Magna and Levante UD, have been the clubs with the greatest media return in the first two months of competition


The audiovisual and media commitment of the National Futsal League has assured its clubs that the investment made by its sponsors will materialize as a profitable product from the start of the 2020/2021 season. The consultancy Kantar Media, estimates the media coverage and broadcasts on GOL, LaLigaSportsTV and regional networks have projected a media return of € 37,245,535 for First Division clubs.

During the first two months of competition (October and November) and according to the reports audited by the consulting firm Kantar Media, the LNFS clubs have had a media return worth € 37,245,535 in the First Division; figures that place the LNFS among one of the most profitable sports for its clubs, in relation to investment, to partially alleviate the economic situation derived from the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and that affects the budgets of the clubs.

The average media return for a First Division club in these first two months of competition was € 2,865,041. The club with the highest media return during these first two months of competition has been Osasuna Magna Xota, which has registered a media return valued at € 6,234,831. In second place, Levante UD, with an economic brand valuation of € 5,971,030, followed by Barça with € 5,745,796 and ElPozo Murcia Costa Cálida with € 5,594,867. More than 6,712,170 followers on social networks.

The LNFS clubs that are active in the First Division already have nearly seven million followers on their social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Social networks contribute to the media exposure and therefore to the media return of your brand as a sports entity and that of its sponsors, which increases its economic value. LNFS clubs already exceed 6,712,170 fans on these three social networks.

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