Ricardinho’s ’10’ already has an heir at Movistar Inter: Dani Saldise

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Movistar Inter presented Dani Saldise their fifth signing for the new season. The 25 year old and international for Spain will wear the number ’10’ that Ricardinho  wore for the last seven seasons.

Until now, he was wearing the number 9 for his previous club, Osasuna Magna, but this number is ‘retired’ at the Madrid club after being used by José María García. Saldise highlighted what signing for Movistar Inter means for him:

“It is like a dream. They are the biggest team in the League and in Europe, and they are once again tthe champions. I have come to help the team and try to get all the titles that we can. ” Along with Saldise there have been five new additions to the Madrid team this week such as  Osasuna Magna’s Eric Martel, Boyis from Barça, Lucas Trípodi from Aspil Vidal and Cecilio  from Levante.

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