Penalty is the new sponsor of Magnus Futsal

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Penalty will provide sports equipment for sorocaba team (SP); partnership, in this first year, and will support the social cause of the visually impaired


One of the largest national manufacturers of sports equipment, Penalty announces that it is the new sponsor of Magnus Futsal, sorocaba team (SP) three-time champion of  the Futsal Club World Championship and finalist of the last three editions of the National Futsal League,  boasting the only undefeated title in the history of the competition.

The four-year contract provides for the provision of sports equipment for training, walking and play, as well as special marketing actions. “Penalty takes futsal seriously and, therefore, we seek a partnership to strengthen us within the sport. Over the years, Penalty has always been attentive to this sport, both in product production and investments and, once again, we seek within futsal a team focused on innovation and a super champion to be partners. Magnus Futsal is a young and innovative team, winner both on and off the court, thanks to its sustainable and professional management,  recognized worldwide”, comments Bernardo Caixeta, Marketing and Sports Relations Manager, Penalty.

According to Fellipe Drommond, CEO of  TFW Sports Marketing and president of Magnus Futsal, the partnership with Penalty is an achievement for the team. “The most traditional brand of the sport will be alongside the most successful young team in the history of world futsal – a perfect marriage that will certainly bear great fruit. Commercially we are talking about an innovative contract, with a standard never seen in Brazilian futsal,  and a high engagement of the two institutions. There will be many novelties throughout the year and who wins, in addition to Magnus fans, Brazilian futsal”, evaluated Drommond.

Partnership with purpose

For the athletes’ preparation period for the 2022 season, which begins on January 19, Penalty and Magnus teamed up and created an action with training shirts for the Magnus Institute – an entity that promotes citizenship and social inclusion to people with visual impairment and social vulnerability.

“Each athlete will receive four training t-shirts and the pieces will be emblazoned with phrases that draw attention to the cause of the visually impaired. Today, in Brazil, there are approximately 7 million people with some type of visual impairment and the Magnus Institute contributes to the inclusion of these people through the use of guide dogs. For this year, the entity has the goal of delivering 65 guide dogs”, explains Caixeta.

The athletes will make posts on Instagram to publicize the work of the entity and motivate fans to embrace the cause. The goal is for the institute’s Instagram to reach the mark of 65,000 followers until the official launch of the Penalty Magnus Futsal 2022 line in February.

About Penalty

With 50 years of history, Penalty® is the largest national manufacturer of sports equipment and one of the forerunners of the segment in the country. The brand is part of the portfolio of the Cambuci Group, the only sports multinational in Brazil. In addition to three national factories, Penalty® has operations in Argentina and a worldwide presence, with distribution in countries in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and Europe. The brand is a pioneer in the ball market, being the only Brazilian manufacturer with international certification issued by the three maximum institutions of the main modalities of collective sport with ball: FIFA (soccer and futsal), FIVB (volleyball) and FIBA (basketball). Penalty official website

About TFW

Working to transform its passion into business, TFW Sports Marketing acts in the development of exclusive projects, whatever the company’s performance, capable of supplying all the institutional and commercial demand of our customers. Its portfolio includes partnerships with large institutions: Brazilian Confederation of Indoor Soccer, Liga Nacional de Futsal, Palmeiras, Vasco, São Paulo, Santos, Corinthians, Coritiba, Internacional/RS –  developing new marketing platforms, planning new revenues and intermediation of sponsorships.

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