Philippines Hosts Thrilling PFF Women’s Tri-Nation Futsal Invitational 2023

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Dreams in Action: The Filipina Women’s Futsal Team


In an exciting stride for women’s futsal, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) in partnership with the Henry V. Moran Foundation has officially declared the commencement of the highly anticipated PFF Women’s Tri-Nation Futsal Invitational 2023, set to kick off on October 18. The bustling Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila will be the battleground for this exhilarating futsal spectacle, slated to run through October 22.

(Main picture source: Philippine Football Federation)

Having successfully orchestrated the Pinay5 Face-off last year, where the Philippine Women’s Futsal National Team demonstrated their potential with a win and a loss against Guam Women’s Futsal National Team, the PFF sets the stage for the second international futsal event on Philippine soil. The enthusiasm is palpable as Indonesia and New Zealand join the host nation in this tri-nation tournament, promising a riveting series of matches.

PFF President Mariano Araneta and General Secretary Mikhail Torre are optimistic about the tournament’s role in propelling futsal’s growth within the nation. Araneta expressed his delight, saying, “We are delighted to host this upcoming PFF Women’s Tri-Nation Futsal Invitational.” He highlighted the tremendous progress made in futsal development over the past two years, emphasizing the focus on grassroots efforts to nurture players and referees. Araneta acknowledged the collaborative efforts between PFF and the Henry V. Moran Foundation in fostering the sport’s growth, inviting all stakeholders and fans to rally behind the Women’s Futsal National Team.

Torre chimed in, recognizing the strong appeal of futsal to Filipinos due to its fast-paced nature. He commended the PFF Futsal Department for their diligent work in promoting the sport, expressing excitement about witnessing the growth of Philippine futsal during this tri-nation event.

Head of the PFF Futsal Department, Kevin Goco, commended the progress of Women’s Futsal in the Philippines under the guidance of Futsal consultant and Women’s National Futsal Team head coach, Vic Hermans. Goco emphasized that the PFF Women’s Tri-Nation Futsal Invitational is a significant milestone in fostering futsal as a prominent sport in the Philippines. He expressed hope that the competition would strengthen relationships between the participating teams and further elevate futsal within the country. The anticipation for this event continues to build, promising a thrilling showcase of talent and competition in the realm of women’s futsal.

In an exciting development for the world of women’s futsal, just two days ago, FIFA made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the inaugural Women’s Futsal World Cup scheduled to take place in 2025. While the host for this prestigious competition is yet to be unveiled, anticipation is already mounting, especially with the revelation that Asia will be allocated three spots for each participating nation.

For the Filipina women’s futsal team, this exciting news marks a significant moment in their journey. The prospect of participating in the maiden Women’s Futsal World Cup in 2025 is undoubtedly a dream that the team can aspire to. Although the competition may seem to be approaching rapidly, possibly sooner than ideal in the context of their current development stage, dreams and aspirations fuel the world of sports.

Under the guidance of their renowned and highly successful head coach, Vic Hermans, the Filipina women’s futsal team can draw inspiration and motivation from this announcement. Hermans, a respected figure in the world of futsal, will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping and preparing the team for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead on the global stage.

While the journey to the 2025 Women’s Futsal World Cup may be demanding, the Filipina women’s futsal team has the potential to surprise and make a mark with their performances. With determination, hard work, and strategic development, they have the chance to showcase their talent and compete with the best on the international stage, embodying the true spirit of sportsmanship and determination. The path to 2025 holds promise and excitement for the Filipina women’s futsal team as they aim for a historic and inspiring journey in the world of futsal.

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