Reach out and inspire for Futsal like Raoni Medina

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Since the lockdown started due to the Coronavirus, it has been difficult and devastating for all sports and especially for everyone working hard in Futsal development nations to grow the sport from a grassroots level.

Despite the frustrations we are all currently feeling, it has been great to see the increase in content marketing across all the clubs, players, and more, and Futsal Focus hopes this level of activity will continue when the National Futsal Series (The highest tier of English Futsal) is back again.

Reach out and inspire for Futsal

One person has stood out for Futsal Focus in particular, who has stepped up to the plate, and that is England Futsal International Raoni Medina. Raoni has not only been doing his own live weekly interviews with professional Futsal players from Spain and Brazil on his personal Instagram account which you can follow at @raonimedina9, but he has also helped others trying to educate young people about the game. He did a Zoom chat with kids in Scotland from Joga Futsal Academy (, shown the main picture, sharing his experiences, knowledge, and advice with the kids. David Galt who owns the academy posted:

“Great for our players to hear Raoni’s story and to listen to an international captain in the sport. Inspiring the next generation who will hopefully have a bright future in Futsal”

Raoni though is still a player and is eager to get back on the court, represent England and help London Helvecia Futsal Club to continue their dominance of the English top tier and like off the court, he tries to help inspire young players off it:

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