Futsal In Ghana

Nathaniel Markwei discusses the new futsal project in Ghana
Nathaniel Markwei, Ghana Football Association's Futsal Committee Chairman, talks to Futsal Focus followers about their ambitious plans for futsal, not just domestically, but on the international stage as well.
Ghana Futsal Premier League has officially launched
Futsal development in Ghana, after almost three decades of being in a state of limbo, the Ghana Football Association officially launched, the Ghana Futsal Premier League and it promises to bring back the excitement and glory of the sport in the country.
Ghana Football Association President Kurt Okraku meets Futsal teams
Ghana FA launches Futsal League and FA Cup after two years of planning. The President welcomed the teams to the GFA HQ to mark the occasion.
Ghana Football Association take development steps for Futsal
The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has named Salifu Zida as Chairman of the Futsal National Team Management Committee to lead Futsal development.