Italian Futsal Development

Is the FIGC’s new policy for foreign players, good or bad for Italian Futsal?
Futsal Focus journalist Roberto Boi discusses the decision to limit the number of foreign futsal players in the futsal leagues by the Futsal Division of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC).
The New Renaissance of Italian Futsal
Exclusive: Stefano Iorio, former Assistant Director of Operations at Roma Football Club, and an avid futsal player, gives his thoughts on the current state of Italian futsal
Italian Futsal - Divisione Calcio a5 Presidential election
Exclusive to Futsal Focus - Election Day is upon us. On January 11, in Rome, the future Divisione Calcio a5 President will be elected, the candidates are Antonio Dario and Luca Bergamini
Rai Sport to broadcast Serie A Futsal and the Italian National Futsal team
Futsal is back on Rai Sport: the men's Serie A will be live and it starts with the Supercoppa confirming that futsal has now reached a top-level status among national sports in Italy.