Today is World Organ Donation Day 2021

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Futsal Focus supports the Donate4Dáithí campaign, and today is World Organ Donation Day 2021


World Organ Donation Day is marked on August 13. The day, as the name suggests, is for raising and creating awareness about organ donation. Many people across the globe have certain apprehensions and misconceptions about the process of organ donation while some are unaware about the huge difference it can make in people’s lives. By definition, organ donation means donating organs that are in healthy condition after a person is dead. Organs such as hearts, lungs, kidney, eyes, liver and pancreas can turn out to be life saving for people who are going through chronic illness.

On many occasions, blind persons have got the opportunity to see after their eyes were replaced by a donor’s eye. The day aims at sensitising and motivating more and more people towards pledging to donate organs and save others’ lives.

World’s first ever organ transplant was successfully carried out by Doctor Joseph Murray in 1954 in the United States of America. The living donor organ transplant was carried out between twin brothers Richard Herrick and Ronald Herrick. After the remarkable feat the doctor won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1990.

All thanks to the development in science and technology, in today’s time a person’s non-functional organ(s) can be replaced by a healthy organ that has been donated either by a loved one or is available in the organ bank. There are two types of organ donation. The first is live donation. In this type of donation, the person donating is alive. In such cases organs like kidney and liver are donated. The second type is called the cadaver donation. In this the procedure is performed after the donor is dead and their organs are deemed healthy for transplanting in another person. A person can sign up to be an organ donor at the age of 18.

The only thing the organ donor needs to ensure is that he or she is not suffering from a chronic disease like cancer, HIV, lung disease among others. If that is not the case, then any and every person is eligible for donating organs.

Futsal Focus supports the Donate4Dáithí campaign

Dáithí Mac Gabhann, age four, has been waiting on the gift of a new heart for almost three years and is the face of a campaign urging the conversation of organ donation. The passing of any loved one is difficult, painful, among many more emotions, but even in death, we can give the gift of life, and that is why Futsal Focus supports organ donation, and the incredible work and impact that Dáithí’s parents Máirtín Mac Gabhann and Seph Ní Mhealláin have already had, and will continue to have due to their devotion to their son and their commitment to the Donate4Dáithí campaign.


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