UAE Futsal Executive Committee to launch their largest Futsal programme

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The UAE Futsal Executive Committee, chaired by Brigadier Abdul Malik Jani, approved a comprehensive plan to launch the largest programme to train Futsal players in the Arab region, after the success of the first discussion session in the Middle East supported by the UAE held on 21st May.

The programme’s duration is expected to be two months, and it will include lectures, workshops and training programmes covering all specialisations.

Brigadier Jani stressed that the sport is advancing rapidly both regionally and internationally, noting that the UAE has a strategic vision to be a regional centre of the sport and aims to maintain constant communication with other countries to always keep pace with successful practices and exchange knowledge with leading projects.

He also pointed out that the plan will be sent to the UAE Football Association, led by Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, and the Sharjah Sports Council, to be implemented from 22nd June to 22nd August, in coordination with experts from Asian and international federations.

Under the same framework, Khamis Al Shamsi, Deputy Chairman of the UAE Futsal Executive Committee, said that the Emirati project comprises seven key pillars that aim to raise the skills of players, coaches, referees and administrative personnel in the Arab region, in cooperation with Asian, African and international federations. He noted that workshops will be held remotely once a week and prominent Arab figures will be invited to the launch event on 22nd June.

He also highlighted the sport’s adaptability in terms of its international development, most notably FIFA’s issuing of 15 amendments to the game’s regulations, adding that he is looking forward to witnessing the sport’s progress in the UAE, which will be reflected in the performance of its national teams in regional and international competitions. He then thanked Brigadier Jani for his continuous support for related initiatives.

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