Brazilian Futsal club Pato Futsal will move to a new 10,000 seater stadium

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Pato’s new sports arena will consume 220 tons of steel


Projecalc, an engineering company that won the tender for complementary projects for the new Pato Branco Arena, published on its Linkedin profile, which completed the structural and foundation project for the arena that will host sporting and community events.

The sports arena will have more than eight thousand meters² of built area, with an audience capacity of up to 10,000 people. It will have a free span of 58.5 meters, with a superstructure, development in prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete. In all, 2,300 meters³ of concrete, 220 tons of steel and more than 140 tons of metallic structure will be consumed.

The new Pato Branco Arena will be multipurpose, for artistic, cultural and sporting events and will be able to accommodate an audience of up to 10,000 people according to the City Hall. The investment will be of R $ 10 million made possible by federal deputy Fernando Giacobo (PL).

The project will retire the historic Gymnasium Dolivar Lavarda, which has undergone several revitalizations and is dying, serving the city heroically. With 1,600 seats, Lavardão is outdated for the needs of the city, which has an expression in the Brazilian sports scene and in futsal, with its national champion team and leader of a sport that is the apple of the eye of Pato Branco.

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