Futsal in Brazil

Sorocaba to host Panama Futsal Team in preparation for World Cup
The Panamanian team will be hosted at the Sorocaba Conventions Center, this exchange is part of the 'Magnus Exchange' project, linked to Magnus Futsal.
Magnus Futsal and Fred win the Sports Machine Award
Magnus Futsal is taking home the Fan Relationship trophy at the 2020 Sport Machine Award for their documentary series with YouTube influencer Fred.
Legendary futsal coach Zego discusses his life in futsal with Futsal Focus
Exclusive: Legendary futsal coach Zego is a coach who you are likely to know very little about, and you may not even know his name. However, he has influenced the sport of futsal more than any other person in the history of futsal.
Magnus Futsal are creators, innovators, leaders and undefeated champions
Exclusive: Futsal Focus talks with Fellipe Drommond CEO of Magnus Futsal Club about their incredible season on and off the court.
Magnus Futsal 'INVICTOS' web series now available online to watch!
Magnus Futsal from Brazil have created a 3 episode series giving viewers a behind the scenes look at their incredible season.
Magnus Futsal are undefeated National League champions
Magnus Futsal are undefeated National League champions. Altogether, 17 wins, 3 draws, and the best attacking line of the championship with 75 goals scored.
Marquinhos Xavier discusses founding the Brazilian Futsal Coaches Association
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Coach Marquinhos Xavier discusses the founding of the Brazilian Futsal Coaches Association (Associação Brasileira dos Treinadores de Futsal)
Brazilian futsal clubs put league format change proposal to LNF
An agreement has been made between the Brazilian clubs, which will be presented to the National Futsal League (LNF) at their next meeting, the expectation is that the clubs' request will be granted.
Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) Academy launches their first futsal course
The purpose of this CBF course is to contribute to the education of professionals working in both futsal and football.
Brazilian Futsal club Pato Futsal will move to a new 10,000 seater stadium
The new Pato Branco Arena will be multipurpose, for artistic, cultural and sporting events and will be able to accommodate an audience of up to 10,000 people

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