Magnus Futsal and Fred win award at the 2020 Sports Machine Award

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Magnus Futsal is taking home the Fan Relationship trophy at the 2020 Sport Machine Award. Sorocaba Magnus’ futsal team had a need to communicate with the younger audience and increase their club’s fan base.

“’Go Up, Fred’ was a worldwide hit, with more than 30 million views and now let’s think about the next one. Thanks to all of you who voted they managed to prove that it is possible to create content without harming high performance”, celebrated Felipe Drummond, president of Magnus Futsal.

In order to make this connection with the fans, the club joined the Desimpedidos channel and the influencer Fred to create, in partnership with Youtube Originals, a project in which a Youtuber/ influencer would carry out the entire pre-season with the high-performance team from Magnus Futsal and would compete in the International Futsal Cup, which was created exclusively to compose the content of the project, with two games between Magnus Futsal and River Plate (ARG).

The action created a new communication channel between Magnus Futsal and the young audience, introducing futsal to an entire generation of children and teenagers with no connection to the sport. As a result, it increased Magnus Futsal channels on Instagram (113%), YouTube (705%) and Facebook (6.8%), increased viewership of Magnus games on TV by 15% and still generated 70% more than sales of the team’s official shirt.

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