Umbro confirms renewal of sponsorships in Brazilian futsal

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The Men’s National Futsal League, the Women’s Futsal League, and Mundo do Futsal (World of Futsal) have the company’s support for 2023


Umbro announced the renewal of sponsorships for the country’s two main competitions in the sport, the National Futsal League (LNF) and the Futsal Women’s League (LFF), in addition to the beginning of a partnership with Mundo do Futsal (World of Futsal), which promotes several competitions for the sport.

“Umbro and futsal have been going hand in hand for years, and this announcement reinforces that we are the sport’s brand in Brazil, now and for the future. We know the strength of sport in the country and we are very proud to be part of this history. It’s a commitment we have here. In addition to maintaining our partnership with the two main competitions on the national calendar, we also started to support the youth teams, which are fundamental for the development of new Brazilian talents”, said Eduardo Dal Pogetto, director of Umbro Brasil.

Umbro will be responsible for all LNF sporting materials, including the official ball and the uniforms of the refereeing teams. The same happens with the LFF, which will have its first round on April 8 and will involve 12 teams in the fight for the title.

“LNF and Umbro have been together for a long time and with each passing year we strengthen our ties even more. There is trust and synergy between the parties, which is fundamental for the success of a partnership”, added Cladir Dariva, president of LNF.

“We are starting the second season of the LFF and we are very proud to have a company with almost 100 years of tradition like Umbro by our side. Strong partnerships like this one are essential for the consolidation and growth of women’s futsal in Brazil. Sport is for everyone and has a transforming power that needs incentives to reach more and more girls in the country”, commented Tatiana Weysfield, president of LFF.

Umbro confirms renewal of sponsorships in Brazilian futsal

In addition to its commitment to the Brazilian futsal elite, including the men’s and women’s categories, Umbro is also present in the sport’s youth categories. As of this year, the brand will become the official sponsor of the World of Futsal, which will have editions aimed at U-17, U-19, and U-21 for men, and U-20 and professional for women.

“Signing a partnership with Umbro shows once again that we are on the right track. Let’s work together for the development of the sport, promoting new talents for the national sport. We are certain that this is just the first year of a lasting union that will bring many fruits to the country”, said the CEO of Mundo do Futsal, Anderson de Andrade.

New reinforcements for the season

Umbro’s investment in futsal does not stop at competitions, it also enters the careers of dozens of athletes. More than 50 male and female players are supported by the brand. Among those sponsored: Lucas Gomes, from Magnus Futsal, had his contract renewed, while Luana Moura, from Taboão Magnus, becomes part of Team Umbro.

At the age of 23, Lucas Gomes is already a constant presence in the Brazilian futsal team, being one of the great talents of the new national generation. Luana Moura, also known affectionately as Robozona, is another name constantly called up for the national team. At the age of 27, she has already collected several titles and individual awards in her career.

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