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People all over the world can now access educational materials via the newly upgraded UEFA Academy Online platform


Futsal enthusiasts are always frustrated with the governing bodies of our sport but we have to hand it to UEFA, they have developed the following:


And, now they have went even further by giving the public access to more than 1,000 documents, covering 12 languages, sharing expert knowledge and best practices with a wider audience. Allowing anybody who is interested in this side of the game to access materials on a variety of topics, including strategic and operational management, football development, grassroots, women’s football and much more.

Used by European football’s 55 member associations to optimise their business, the UEFA Academy Online platform takes users inside the professional game with videos, presentations and courses designed to assist in your daily activities and in strategic thinking.

A lot of this knowledge is transferable to futsal when it comes to business, club development and more. Therefore, Futsal clubs, click on this link (http://bit.ly/387pYe5), learn more and see what you can use to assist your club and your own development and knowledge of the business and development aspects of sport.

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