USA win on penalties and will play Costa Rica in the CONCACAF Futsal Championships Final

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America has defied the odds, and secured their place in the 2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championships final by defeating Guatemala on penalties!!!!


No one, would ever have agreed with you before this tournament that the U.S.A would make it to the 2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championships final, in fact, no one would have bet on them winning their group. However, these players have proved everyone wrong and fought their way to the final, with a never say die attitude, just incredible. The American national team are in a final for the first time since 2004, 17 years waiting, and tomorrow they will face the regions powerhouse, Costa Rica.

A quick look at their semi-final performance would be described as a team that fights to the end, and you can tell they are a close group of players which has contributed to their success.  The Americans will have to have full concentration from beginning to end if they hope to challenge Costa Rica.

It has been 17 years sine they reached the CONCACAF Futsal Championship final.  Congratulations to Dusan, his staff and players on this historic achievement for the United States of America. What they have achieved is incredible and it will be interesting to see how they fair against their Costa Rican opponents.

We spoke to their Head Coach Dusan Jakica before the game and he said,

“We will need to find energy. We have had 4 hard games in 5 days… Currently, we are working only on recovering and analysis Guatemala’s previous match footage. Ahead of this competition, without preparation and only one friendly match before Guatemala, what we have achieved as a team is unbelievable. This team played their first game together here in Guatemala vs EL Salvador which we drew and continued to build on. I couldn’t be prouder of the squad. They have fought for each other, did you see how they are all like one? I insist on that!!!! If we want to compete, we must come together and fight from the beginning to the end and they have done that.”

No doubt, Dusan will be feeling that now, celebrating with his players and staff ahead of tomorrow’s final. We also had a chance to speak to his assistant coach Otto Orf who said,

“I am so proud of these players, they have  jelled quickly, listened to their management team and with strengthen and positivity they have believed in themselves, rose to the occasion, gone on to the court and fought to the end.”

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