Vietnam Football Federation considering to allow foreign players compete

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Hanoi National futsal tournaments may welcome foreign players in the coming seasons, according to the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF). The possibility that this news was about to break came from Futsal analyst and founder of Futsal Japan Steve Harris yesterday, as you can see below, and today the news came out of Vietnam confirming his thoughts:

Vietnam Football Federation officials met with long time partners the Voice of Việt Nam and HDBank on Monday to map out their plans for 2020-22.

One of their key issues was to allow foreign players to join local clubs with a view to improving the quality of domestic tournaments as well as lift them at international competitions.

Vietnam Football Federation Vice President Trần Quốc Tuấn said the national futsal movement had strongly grown recently but still needed a kick to reach a higher level and become more professional.

“We need to think about allowing clubs to recruit foreigners who will increase the quality of both local players and tournaments,” said Tuấn

“Their presence will strengthen clubs’ at regional and continental events. As a result, the quality of the national team will also improve,” he said. This year the national championships will be held in late March while the national cup will be held in November.

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