The English FA show their Futsal development progress from 2018-19

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Exciting times for Futsal development in England


The infographic above shows that 2019 saw the development of Futsal in England take positive steps in the right direction. Along with the sport’s awareness as well. The Fast Forward with Futsal strategy will see continued success if brands like Pokemon continue to back the sport’s development.

In 2020, hopefully, the others FAs on the British Isles will take notice of England’s progress. And, another positive step would be the launch of an England Women’s National Futsal team. Out of the FA’s control is the infrastructural development of each club. The FA can provide guidance to a certain extent but it is the clubs responsibility to attract the business skillsets needed to progress further.

Futsal Focus also looks forward to seeing how the clubs develop in the National Futsal League (NFL). It is a great achievement by all involved that the launch of the National Futsal Series (NFS) didn’t see an end to the National Futsal League. The league’s development is just as important as the NFS so it can support the national futsal pyramid. It provides clubs at each level a development goal structure and a progression pathway to the National Futsal Series. Plus, on the flipside back down the latter should participation in the NFS be too costly for a club. Futsal Focus wishes everyone success in their efforts to develop further.

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