Aberdeen Futsal Academy Clinches National Championship and Champions League Slot
The meteoric rise of Aberdeen Futsal Academy who secured the Scottish Futsal championship and a coveted spot in the Champions League, underlining a promising future for the sport in Scotland.
Cartagena will host the inaugural edition of Futsal Fest at the Futsal Cup of Spain
Prepare to experience the ultimate fusion of sports and music as Cartagena hosts the debut edition of FutsalFest. This groundbreaking event promises thrilling futsal action by day and electrifying performances by renowned artists by night. Get ready to be part of history in the making!
Swieqi United Futsal Winners of the first edition of the Enemed Futsal Women’s Trophy
Swieqi United Futsal seals Enemed Women's Trophy with a commanding 4-1 victory over Lija Athletics A, showcasing dominance from start to finish.
Navigating the Fringes: Futsal and Padel's Struggles under Established Governing Bodies Amid Pickleball's Quest for Independence
Within the world of sports governance, Futsal and Padel face obstacles under established bodies, while Pickleball pursues its own path. Discover the unique journeys of niche sports and Pickleball's bid for autonomy.
Navigating Challenges and Aspiring for Growth: A Deep Dive into the State of Futsal in Estonia
Explore the current state of Futsal in Estonia with insights from Rene Kolsar, co-founder of Ravens Futsal Club. Delve into the challenges faced, including age gaps and facility constraints, as Estonia strives to catch up with its Baltic neighbors in the world of Futsal.
Legacy Forged: Jimbee Cartagena's Unprecedented Triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup
Delve into Coach Duda's insights in an exclusive interview with Futsal Focus, as Jimbee Cartagena celebrates a historic triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final.
Jimbee Cartagena Secures Historic Victory, Clinches First-Ever Title
Jimbee Cartagena's historic triumph in the Spanish Futsal Supercup final marked a turning point, securing their inaugural title in a stunning comeback against FC Barcelona.
Baltic Triumph: Latvia and Lithuania to Co-Host UEFA Futsal EURO 2026
Latvia and Lithuania make history by securing the hosting rights for UEFA Futsal EURO 2026. Riga and Kaunas will host the 16-team finals from January 18 to February 8, 2026, marking a significant milestone for both nations. This co-hosting venture, the first for Futsal EURO, amplifies the anticipation for an…
Iberian Powerhouses: Barça, Benfica, Palma, and Sporting CP Clinch Spots in UEFA Futsal Champions League Finals
In a groundbreaking development, the UEFA Futsal Champions League finals will feature an exclusive quartet of past winners: FC Barcelona, SL Benfica, Mallorca Palma Futsal, and Sporting CP. Emerging victorious from the elite round, these Iberian powerhouses set the stage for a historic showdown in May.
UEFA Futsal Champions League Elite Round Draw: The Path to Glory Unveiled
The UEFA Futsal Champions League elite round draw promises intense matchups. As the futsal world eagerly anticipates this exhilarating display, we delve into the intriguing narratives surrounding the participating teams.