A year ago the UK sent its first diabetes futsal team to the European Futsal Championships (Diaeuro)

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This article looks back at a year ago this month when England sent its first type 1 diabetes team to Ukraine European Futsal Championship. Chris bright who founded the team posted:

“A project which has done so much to dispel the stigma of diabetes and raise awareness of our condition. A year ago, we featured on BBC Midlands as we completed our final training camp before the UK GB all type 1 diabetic Futsal Squad flew out to Ukraine for the European Futsal Championships (DiaEuro). Our first ever TV appearance and one I’ll never forget. Happier memories of 2019 and gives me fuel for the motivation to make this happen all over again in 2021 and beyond!!”

UK DiaEuro Team

In 2018, the UK’s first-ever all Diabetic Futsal team was created to compete in the European Futsal Championships for people with Diabetes ( DiaEuro, www.diaeuro.org for more information ).

The tournament is open to adults aged 18 or older that can prove they live with Diabetes and it is a wonderful showcase for what people can achieve with the condition as well as a great platform to raise awareness of it.

If you suffer from diabetes and you  would like more information, please visit the UK DiaEuro Team website via this link: https://thediabetesfootballcommunity.com/diaeuro/

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