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The French Football Federation (FFF) published a practical and interactive guide intended to help clubs structure themselves this year.

“Allowing everyone to play” is one of the four major issues of the federal Performance 2024 plan, the FFF’s action and development program for the period 2021-2024. Achieving this objective is based in particular on opening up to new audiences and new practices, to allow a strengthening of the attractiveness of footballing formats and the recruitment and retention of new players.

With this in mind, the FFF places particular emphasis on the development of Futsal, a discipline in constant progression in the landscape of French football. Spectacular and technical, Futsal aims to seduce and meet the new expectations of a large public of practitioners, young people, girls and boys, and adults.

To support clubs in their project to create a Futsal section, the Federation provided them with a practical and interactive guide bringing together all the information and advice related to the deployment of this practice and its promotion to players.

We have translated the words of the introduction by the Président of FFF – Noël Le Graët from the guide below:

“Dynamic and spectacular, Futsal and its importance have continued to grow in recent years in the football landscape
of our country.

With good reason, since this variant of football favors a continuous, offensive, technical and intense game. It is an inclusive practice that concerns almost all audiences, whether teenagers or seniors, women or men. The development of Futsal is first verified by the encouraging performances of our French Futsal Team, marked by its first qualification to a final phase of international competition during Euro 2018. In this respect, the commitment of the French Football Federation to
the advent of high-level Futsal is also reflected in the opening of the France Futsal Hope Center in Lyon in September 2018.

More generally, the discipline has seen a constant increase in the number of practitioners for almost 10 years, clearly exceeding the 30,000 players over the 2021/2022 season. Futsal is also positioned as one of the most popular disciplines for students taking part in the competitions of the National Union of School Sport (UNSS). These promising findings confirm our desire to accelerate the development of Futsal throughout the territory and to meet the challenges posed by its structuring.

For these reasons, we are working on the sustainability and promotion of our national, regional and departmental championships. Mon fundamental challenges also concern the increase in infrastructure dedicated to this practice, in order to relieve congestion in gymnasiums notably. As such, the FFF financially supports the construction of outdoor Futsal pitches which can allow clubs to engage in departmental-level competitions. Thus, Futsal continues its structuring and this guide is intended to give you the elements necessary for the development of the practice in your clubs. No doubt it will meet your expectations.”

When you download the guide, if you don’t understand French, you will have to translate it into your language.

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