Free Futsal Webinar with Coach Xavier Closas from FC Barcelona

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LIVE this Saturday, March 28th go to the Windy City Futsal Facebook page (link below) to have an opportunity to ask questions to Futsal & Soccer Leaders from Europe.

@10AM (PD)
@12PM (CT)
@1PM (ET)
@5PM (GMT)
@6PM (GMT +1)

Windy City Futsal Facebook Page LIVE EVENT

*Send Windy City a PM if you have a few questions that you would like asked and we will have them ready to go ahead of time*

The webinar will feature:

Coach Xavier Closas
-Co-Owner of IOX Futsal
-Men’s Head Coach at
FC Barcelona Futsal B Team

Coach Oscar Alonso
-Co-Owner of IOX Futsal
-Men’s Assistant Head Coach at
FCBarcelona Futsal B Team
-FCB Strength and Conditioning Coach
-Windy City Futsal Summer
Futsal/Soccer Camp Futsal Instructor

Coach Oliver Hinckson
-Owner of London Elite Youth
-U8/U10 Academy Football Coach at
Fulham F.C.
-Windy City Futsal Summer
Futsal/Soccer Co-Camp Director

Webinar Moderator:
Coach Matthew Ales
-Owner of Windy City Futsal
-Founder and Director
Illinois Futsal Association
-Windy City Futsal Summer
Futsal/Soccer Co-Camp Director

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