French Football Federation Futsal development plan is bearing fruit

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French futsal officials gathered on Friday at the French Football Federation for a milestone in the federal plan to develop a practice that approaches the 30,000 licensed.

The federal futsal development plan is bearing fruit. Between 2014 and 2019, the number of licensees increased by 12% to reach 29,375 licensees as of June 30, with an increase of 3.6% in 2018-19. This is one of the key figures of the progress report presented Friday to the leaders of the French futsal meeting at the headquarters of the FFF in Paris.

“Our futsal is advancing, thanks to the work of everyone on the ground, and we will continue because it is one of the priorities of the Ambition 2020 plan of the Federation,” said Philippe Lafrique, member of the Comex in charge of futsal , in the presence of the members of the Federal Futsal Commission, representatives of the regional commissions and the referent regional technical advisers.

The policy implemented thus made it possible to reinforce the practice of futsal at the base. “The thirteen regional metropolitan leagues now have a regional men’s championship, with 324 teams entered, and 60 districts (out of 90) have a departmental championship,” said Pierre Jacky, the French futsal team’s scorer (Main photo).

The dynamic in favor of futsal is also measured in terms of training of educators (119 carried out in the leagues in 2018-2019), school sports sections (56 in middle schools or high schools), infrastructure creations (14 futsal fields). installed, 8 in progress, 5 in projects) or structuring clubs (30 clubs with the Futsal Youth Label for the period 2019-2022).

“There is still a lot of work to be done,” explained Philippe Lafrique (pictured below, right), particularly with regards to women’s and youth competitions, although five leagues now have a U18 regional championship. Futsal club, futsal youth club and bridges with the UNSS * are also real levers of progress, and I hope that all this will lead in the future to a development plan for futsal number 2! ”

* National Union of School Sport.

French Football Federation Futsal development plan is bearing fruit

As part of the “diversified football” group within the French Football Federation, Futsal is now in full expansion, especially among young people and women.

For Futsal Focus, the hope is that Futsal will be announced as a demonstration sport officially for the 2024 Olympics Games in France.

This article was translated using Google Translator from the fff,fr website, we apologize for any grammar mistakes.

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