Massimiliano Bellarte is the new coach of the Azzurri

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Massimiliano Bellarte “It’s time for courage, an honor to fill this role”


In December, he will make his debut on the sidelines for the National Team at the qualifiers for the European Championship!

Massimiliano Bellarte is the new coach of the Italian Futsal team and takes over from Alessio Musti, taking over the leadership of the national team after twenty years of experience as a coach on the sidelines of Ruvo, Modugno, Acqua & Sapone – with whom in 2014 he won an Italian Cup and an Italian Super Cup – and Real Rieti. In 2017 he led the Belgians of Halle-Gooik, winning the Scudetto, the Belgian Super Cup, and the Benelux Cup and was nominated by the Belgian federation as the best coach of the year. He also has experience in women’s Futsal with Salinis winning the Scudetto in the 2018/2019 season.

Massimiliano Bellarte is the new coach of the Azzurri“Taking this role – declares the new coach – is a great honor and a great responsibility, in the hope that the national team can drive the whole movement. It is nice to represent the category of Italian technicians, a top category worldwide. I am proud to have started from the bottom and to have trained at all levels, I started at 27 in C2, I gained experience with the youth teams and with women’s futsal, trying to give myself a multidisciplinary training also through knowledge of other sports such as basketball.”

Bellarte nicknamed ‘the Philosopher’ has the will to restart a movement hurting from a failure to qualify for the World Cup in Lithuania 2020: “The wave to rise must have a point of break, a ‘point break’, and I hope this is the beginning of something important. A difficult path awaits us, but it is time for courage, to make choices, to start a process, and then be amazed by what can happen.”

He will issue his first team meeting scheduled and then make his debut on the blue bench in December when Italian futsal will begin its journey to qualifying for EURO 2022 in a group with Belgium, Finland, and either Montenegro and Lithuania, engaged in the playoff playoffs.

“The idea is to have a larger group than usual – he stated – There are good players, you have to make sure they can perform at their best. The goal, of course, is to qualify for the European Championship.”

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