Italian Futsal

Is the FIGC’s new policy for foreign players, good or bad for Italian Futsal?
Futsal Focus journalist Roberto Boi discusses the decision to limit the number of foreign futsal players in the futsal leagues by the Futsal Division of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC).
Hamish Grey, the first professional futsal player from New Zealand
Futsal Focus spoke with Hamish Grey, the first futsal player from New Zealand to become a professional when he signed for Serie B futsal club, Isola5 in Italy this summer.
19-year-old, Zoee Spadano from Australia signs for Italian Serie A club Kick Off C5 Milan
Zoee Spadano, a 19-year-old player from Perth, Western Australia, has been transferred from South Perth Futsal Club to Kick Off C5 Milan.
The New Renaissance of Italian Futsal
Exclusive: Stefano Iorio, former Assistant Director of Operations at Roma Football Club, and an avid futsal player, gives his thoughts on the current state of Italian futsal
Does Massimiliano Bellarte’s Italian selected squad for the EURO reflect the weaknesses of the Italian League?
Exclusive: Eight Italians and eight Brazilian-Italians selected by Head Coach Massimiliano Bellarte to compete for Italy at the 2022 UEFA Futsal EURO, raises many questions!
The Sky Arena project, and a new chapter in Italian Futsal
Antonio Dario discusses how he disagrees with the creation of the Sky Arena project and believes Juventus FC entering futsal is a new chapter for futsal in Italy
Alice Evans returning to Italy to play for Santu Predu in the A2
Alice Evans is a professional futsal goalkeeper from Wales who is a pioneer within the women's game and plays professional futsal in Italy!
C.U.S Ancona Serie B champions and Liam Palfreeman makes history for British futsal in Italy
English professional futsal player Liam Palfreeman plays in Italy for C.U.S Ancona in the Divisione Calcio a5 Serie B Group D has made history for British futsal. 
Liam Palfreeman made it 50 goals in 52 games today in Italy
English professional futsal player Liam Palfreeman, stepped up for C.U.S Ancona today in the Italian Serie B, and scored a 10 metre penalty and his 50th goal in Italy.
Meet Alice Evans Great Britain’s first professional female futsal player
Exclusive - Within the women’s game, Alice Evans is currently the pioneer from Great Britain when it comes to professional futsal which is an incredible achievement.