Caribbean Futsal

A review of the 2022 Caribbean Games' futsal competition
A ​​week ago, the first Caribbean Games took place on the island of Guadeloupe, which included a futsal competition between six U-23 national teams. Futsal Focus takes a look at what happened in the competition.
Futsal is one of seven sports at the first edition of the Caribbean Games in Guadeloupe at the Palais des Sports du Gosier with a capacity of 2,900 spectators.
Brathwaite makes history in Barbados as the first national qualified Futsal coach
The Barbados Football Association is proud of its female staff member, Patrina “Pixie” Brathwaite as she has gone down in history as the first Futsal coach in Barbados
“Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence in Sport" Futsal Association Trinidad & Tobago
THE Futsal Association of TT (FATT) will be hosting Kids’ Connect, a series of virtual mental health workshops, from December 13-15.
Futsal development in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Geoffrey Edwards, the President of the Futsal Association of Trinidad & Tobago discusses futsal development in his country and his hopes for the sport in the Caribbean region
Havana Neighborhood Futsal project
The Mi barrio suena project takes futsal as a means to contribute towards the education of young people and the development of communities that many people consider “slums”.