Futsal In Angola

30 years of women's futsal in Angola
For 30 years, Angola has had women's futsal, it is a market filled with talent and they are now focused on showcasing their abilities at the Youth Olympics and the FIFA Women's Futsal World Cup.
Marcos Antunes the new head coach of the Angola National Futsal team
Marcos Antunes, the new head coach of the Angola National Futsal team aims to make Angola the powerhouse of African futsal.
A vision for the future of futsal in Angola, Africa and beyond
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: We are launching the first professional futsal league in Angola and in Africa, setting a precedent for the other African nations to aim for. However, we also see our model as an example to all futsal developing nations not just in Africa but around the world.
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Dino Paulo has been working with the Futsal Federation to establish an Angola Futsal League (Liga Futsal Angola – LFA) which will be the first professional futsal league in Africa.
Angolan Federation of Futsal Board advisor announces bid for Presidency of Angolan Football Federation
Dino Paulo Futsal Board Advisor of the Angolan Federation of Futsal announces bid for Angolan Football Federation Presidency.
Angola Futsal Association trainees referees due to Futsal's growth in popularity
Futsal development continues in Angola to assist with the sports growing popularity.