Futsal in Portugal

Intense Battles Unfold in the Record International Masters Futsal 2023
Record International Masters Futsal 2023 is taking place in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal. From electrifying draws to dominating victories, the tournament is a battleground of skill and intensity.
Ricardinho has retired from international futsal, not club futsal!
Futsal Focus has had a number of followers contact us confused about Ricardinho's current status, this article is to settle any confusion and to hear the thoughts of respected individuals within the sport about his career.
Ricardinho retires from the international stage on top and in style
Ricardinho retires from the international stage on top and in style, winner of his country's first ever UEFA Futsal EURO and World Cup!!
"I never train my players for who they are now ... I train them to become who they will be one day"
Exclusive to Futsal Focus - Marcos Antunes is a dedicated youth futsal coach from Portugal. His coaching methodologies for his players are getting domestic awards and international recognition.
Benfica Futsal announced the signing of Hossein Tayebi
Hossein Tayebi an Iranian international signs for Benfica the pivot comes from Kairat Almaty to clinch titles with an eagle on his chest.
Portuguese Football Federation approved futsal restructuring plan
In May, the Board of the Portuguese Football Federation approved a comprehensive restructuring plan for senior futsal, males, and females.
Sporting Clube de Portugal and Loures City Council celebrated the renewal of their agreement to continue providing quality Futsal training.
Attacking Profiles of the Best Ranked Teams From Elite Futsal Leagues
This study aimed to explore the discriminatory power of the task-related variables and the context in establishing differences in the elite futsal leagues of Portugal, Spain, and Russia.
Portugal’s futsal league Liga Sport Zone to get international coverage
Portugal’s domestic futsal league, Liga Sport Zone, will be granted international coverage through a new rights deal between the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and public-service broadcaster RTP.