Zinacantepec welcomed the Mexican Futsal National League in Mexico

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From June 7 to 10, the Edomex Sports City Basketball Gymnasium in Zinacantepec, State of Mexico, was filled with anticipation as it hosted the National Phase of the Mexican Futsal League. The tournament, organized by the Amateur Sector of the Mexican Federation of Association Football, AC, in collaboration with FIFA, aimed to promote and encourage the growth of Futsal in Mexico. Zinacantepec is a municipality located just west of the city of Toluca in Mexico State.

Both women’s and men’s teams participated in this competition, with the State of Mexico providing support in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. A total of six teams, each comprising of 12 players and two coaching staff members, engaged in matches under the round-robin ‘all against all’ system. The ultimate goal was to determine the ‘National Champion’ of the Mexican Futsal League Season 2022-2023.

Zinacantepec welcomed the Mexican Futsal National League in Mexico

Picture source: Especial Portal

Before advancing to this stage, the participating teams had to overcome the competition zone stage, where FIFA and CONMEBOL instructor Vicente Claudio de Luise conducted a workshop on the rules of Futsal, enriching the game for everyone involved. Here is a clip below:

Zinacantepec witnessed a memorable Futsal event, which will continue to help to increase awareness of the sport in Mexico. The tournament showcased the passion of the Futsal players and served as a stepping stone for the continued growth and success of the sport in the country. The National Futsal League proved to be an exciting platform for players, attendees, and organizers alike. The success of this event is likely to inspire future Futsal developments and competitions across the country.

We look forward to how the men’s Mexican Futsal National team continues to develop and to the creation of a women’s team. Mexico last qualified for the world cup in 2012 but has failed to progress past the group stage in the last two world cup qualifying CONCACAF competitions.

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Source of pictures: Especial Portal

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