A case study looking at Libya’s preparations for the 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations

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Libya’s national futsal assistant team coach Daniel Berdejo-del-Fresno  has made this detailed and insightful video analysis case study concerning the Libyan National Futsal team’s preparations for the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifications (Now 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup). The qualifiers were through  (C.A.F) Confederation of African Football’s 2020 Africa Futsal Cup of Nations which took place in Laâyoune or El Aaiún which is the largest city of the disputed territory of Western Sahara.

If you don’t know who Daniel is, he currently lives in the United States of America but is from Spain. Daniel has worked in a range of sports but his passion is futsal and his has experience working in Spain, U.S.A, U.K, Bermuda, Italy, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia among many other countries. He has had roles such as the Head of Coaching and Sports Science at the International Futsal Academy at Loughborough University,  and the assistant coach with the England National Futsal team. Currently, he is also the Head of Performance and Head Coach for the first team at Bay Area Futsal Club that he co-founded in San Francisco. You can see the rest of his profile here on LinkedIn

The video below is a must watch for any futsal coach who has ambitions to be an international futsal coach to learn from. In total, the video is just over 35 minutes long, professionally presented, Daniel has done a great job to give viewers a clear insight into his experience. The presentation is broken down into the following sections:

  • Context
  • Objectives
  • Preparations
  • Staff members
  • Squad members
  • Training plan
  • Competition analysis
  • Post Analysis


For the viewer, we have no doubt you will be clued to the screen for this video due to the amount detail Daniel provides:

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