Fitness Assessment Protocols for Futsal Players

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Fitness Assessment Protocols for Futsal Players in emerging Nations and Associated Activities to Improve Fitness

As Futsal has grown more rapidly in the last few years than at any time in history, so the volume of Futsal research and data available to Futsal Coaches has grown alongside it.

What most of the analysis has identified, however, is that the similarity in physiology between football and futsal players has led to the adoption of many football-specific assessments being utilised for the identification of suitable benchmarks for Futsal.

In “emerging nations” – countries where futsal is not a traditional activity or is displaced by other forms of activity (football, regional variations of 5-a-side football etc) – then these benchmarks can hinder the development of the sport.

What these have identified is that the key elements in both sports, endurance, speed, strength and power are generally similar, but that in terms of leg strength and power Futsal players return poorer results than their football counterparts.

Author:  Mark Potter, Scotland’s first UEFA B Futsal Coach, Co-founder and Technical Director of Futsal Scotland and former Scotland national Futsal team manager

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