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UEFA Futsal Champions League 2023-24: Groups Revealed in Exciting Draw
The highly anticipated draw for the UEFA Futsal Champions League 2023-24 has taken place, setting the stage for an exhilarating competition filled with intense matches and surprising outcomes.
UEFA Futsal Champions League round of 32 kicks off with Barça and Prishtina
In the 20th year of the UEFA Futsal Champions League, formerly known as the UEFA Futsal Cup, holders Barça kicked of the round of 32 today  against Kosovan champions Mabetex Prishtina.
New Club Ambassador Joins ACCS Futsal Club in Poland
Breaking news: ACCS Futsal Club is pleased to announce the acquisition of Sebastian Bednarz who has recently joined as part of the International Projects team at the club.
Portuguese Football Federation approved futsal restructuring plan
In May, the Board of the Portuguese Football Federation approved a comprehensive restructuring plan for senior futsal, males, and females.
The Palau Blaugrana will host the Final Four of the Futsal Champions League in October
The Final Four of the Futsal Champions League will take place from October 8 to 11 at the Palau Blaugrana, it will be the second time that Barcelona plays host to the Final Four.
A new season begins - the UEFA Futsal Champions League live draw
All UEFA Futsal Champions League entrants were involved in the preliminary and main rounds, drawn by Encamp player and former footballer Javier Saviola.
The first UEFA Futsal Champions League Final will have no Spanish representation
Spain has been represented in 14 of the last 17 UEFA Futsal Cup finals but at this year's first UEFA Futsal Champions League there will be no representation at this historic occasion for the competition.
The UEFA Futsal Champions League 2018-19 draw
A total of 57 clubs have entered the new UEFA Futsal Champions League all will be involved in the preliminary and main round draws streamed live from Nyon at 14:15CET on Thursday 5 July.
Futsal Focus proposes an idea: The Six Nations Futsal Club Championships
Futsal Focus proposes a Six Nations Futsal Club Championship were the winners of the Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh and French leagues compete for the title.