TC Sol Futsal – serving to play, where volunteering is front and center

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As we enter summer, kids in Minneapolis–Saint Paul are getting ready to join a Futsal league,  it doesn’t cost money to join but the players need to earn their way on to the team.

Organisers say “its not only a chance to introduce kids to the sport, but its a chance to be more inclusive.”

For Mario Wimberly, chief visionary officer of TC Sol Futsal,

“Its about kids having access and opportunities”

Giving back to his community has been a life long plan, Mario says that “TC Sol Futsal was birthed from an idea he and a friend of his had as a way for the kids in the community to have more opportunities to play, and make the game more accessible.

TC Sol Futsal - serving to play, where volunteering is front and center

The organisations values are:


The game of Futsal, especially as it relates to total player development is an integral component. The speed of play, technical/tactical benefits, number of touches, decision making skills and FUN associated with the game are unmatched.


When young players are engaged while learning their ability to retain and use new subject matter drastically increases when they’re having fun!


Contrary to the exorbitant fees often found in the pay-to-play model Sol Sqaud believes all kids should have access to Futsal regardless of background or financial status. Their community programming model offers FREE CLINICS and their competitive programming model was built on keeping costs affordable for families


There are a multitude of communities that are represented in the TC Sol Futsal Squad Family. They believe in the collective power of people and giving freely of their time, skills, and support to the communities who need them. They believe in the collective thought that we are greater together.

TC Sol Futsal - serving to play, where volunteering is front and center

Serve to Play Model

In a world of pay to play athletics, where many communities are left out, TC Sol Futsal have developed a model which gives kids the opportunity to play competitive futsal in a positive environment and promotes giving back to the community. They have partnered with local community organizations to have their athletes provide an hour of service each week, giving back to the community and learning from each other, while developing relationships that may have never been cultivated before. TC Sol Futsal has eliminated the financial component and have developed a positive sense of community that has never been done before. Watch the video to find out more!

If you have watched the YouTube video then you see how this is an example of the need to find creative ways to introduce young kids to futsal and increase awareness of the sport in your community as well. Futsal Focus has said time and again that the sport by itself is not enough especially for clubs who want to embed themselves in their community. Many of the biggest football clubs in the world didn’t start solely to play football, they started for socio-economic and political reasons, trying to support their communities whilst also using the medium of sport to drive change. Futsal clubs should be looking into what is important in their communities and what they should support.

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