Petition to change FIFA rule regarding futsal goalkeepers protective equipment

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A petition has kicked off in England regarding GK protective equipment, Philip Codd started the petition and it has been endorsed by England Futsal goalkeeping coach Andy Reading. The petition states:

FIFA has changed the rules regarding GK protective equipment which will come into force in the 20/21 season. All competitive leagues must adhere to it.

The rule states that protective knee and elbow equipment must match the colour of the gk kit.

I have had correspondence from the league in England that referees will be directed to tell keepers to take pads (vital protective equipment) off which are not of the correct colour. This will increase the chances of injury exponentially due to the saving techniques used in futsal.

I don’t believe FIFA have thought about the practical implications, cost implications or the health and safety implication of this. I will use this petition to hold weight to the argument when, on behalf of all futsal goalkeepers (and probably referees), I formally complain to FIFA.

At present, the supply of quality coloured pads, that are designed for futsal, simply isn’t there and I think it is ludicrous to expect goalkeepers to buy 3 sets of white pads and dye them at home! The pads won’t match the colours of the kit exactly anyway and will probably look terrible.

Many outfield players see this as similar to when there was a ruling on undershorts/tops. This is not the same! Under tops and shorts are a choice or preference; gk pads are necessary to prevent serious injury!

Currently, GK pad suppliers, which design for futsal, stock mainly black or white pads. Black and white are both neutral colours which are neither distracting nor an issue!

I would like to see the rule scrapped, or amended to this:

Goalkeepers protective equipment must be the colour of the kit or black/white.

I believe this would be a sensible solution to this very anti-gk rule change. This rule will have serious implications for all futsal gpalkeepers if not changed.

The reaction on social media already gives the impression that this will not be the only petition concerning FIFA’s recent rule changes.

If you agree with this petition click here

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