Futsal in Northern Ireland

Irish Football Association launches the Northern Ireland Futsal Federation
The Irish Football Association has supported members of the Men’s and Women’s Futsal leagues to help launch the Northern Ireland Futsal Federation to continue to develop and showcase the sport within Northern Ireland.
More than 30 sides kicked off Northern Ireland Women’s futsal league
More than 30 sides in Northern Ireland are competing in regional leagues staged over the late autumn/winter period, involving teams from the NIFL Women’s Premiership and the NIWFA Championship.
Sparta Belfast will represent Northern Ireland in the Futsal Champions League
The Cathedral Eye Northern Ireland Futsal Cup reached its climax at the weekend with Sparta Belfast lifting the trophy at the expense of Belfast United.
Northern Ireland Foundation Futsal Cup will decide Champions League representative club
The Northern Ireland UEFA Futsal Champions League representative club will be decided through a cup competition, the Northern Ireland Foundation Futsal Cup. 
A New Era for Omagh Futsal Club in Northern Ireland
Founders Martin Cassidy and David Alonso used their time wisely coming up with a 3-year club development plan to rebuild Omagh Futsal Club club from the ground up.
Afrimeripean Futsal Club is a multi-cultural futsal team are based in Co Armagh in Northern Ireland.
Blue Magic wins FAI Futsal Cup and Sparta withdraws from IFA play-offs
Blue Magic Futsal Dublin win the FAI Futsal Cup and will compete in the UEFA Futsal Champions League but Belfast Spart withdraw from IFA play-offs
Cathedral Eye Clinic will be sponsoring both the senior male and female domestic leagues for the next three seasons as well as the senior men’s and senior women’s international futsal squads.
Darius Dielininkaitis, head coach of Northern Ireland’s Futsal champions, Futsal Club Sparta Belfast
Darius Dielininkaitis, head coach of Northern Ireland’s Futsal champions, Sparta Belfast looks ahead to their first UEFA Futsal Champions League, discusses Futsal in Northern Ireland and more.
Chris Morgan, former Irish League striker urges more kids to get involved in Futsal
Chris Morgan: "There are real benefits for young players.. we should be promoting Futsal more vigorously"