Solomon Islands Futsal

Damon Shaw's tenure as head coach of the Solomon Islands futsal team has come to an end, and he reflects on the highs and lows of this pivotal chapter. In an exclusive interview, Shaw shares insights into the team's journey, the challenges faced, and his optimism for the future of…
Exclusive: Damon Shaw's journey started by helping to drive the development of futsal in England before he set off on a global journey of self discover, development and seeking opportunities.
English Futsal Coach Damon Shaw wins his first trophy as the new Head Coach of the Solomon Islands; the 2023 Extra Supermarket Melanesian Futsal Cup, Fiji
The Solomon Islands appoint Damon Shaw as the head coach of their futsal national team, Kurukuru
English Futsal Coach Damon Shaw has been appointed as the new head coach of the Solomon Islands national team futsal team, Kurukuru.
The Solomon Islands Futsal National team is preparing for the upcoming OFC Futsal Cup 2022 to be held in Suva, Fiji, next month.
The Solomon Island's futsal facility dream to commence construction in 2021
“With the Futsal facility, we'll have more competitions in futsal here, and our international participation will be maintained,” SIFF President William Lai
The Solomon Islands and their captain Elliot Ragomo chase futsal history
Elliot Ragomo is perhaps Oceania’s most decorated futsal player. The Solomon Islands star will lead his side to a fourth World Cup next year and the Kurukuru have set their sights on first-ever knockout-stage qualification.
Construction of a Futsal Multipurpose Courts complex to commence in the Solomon Islands
The construction of the Solomon Islands' first-ever regulation-size futsal courts at a Futsal Multipurpose Courts complex will commence later this year.
Solomon Islands win OFC Futsal Final thriller against New Zealand
Defending champions the Solomon Islands and New Zealand met today in a blockbuster final at the OFC Futsal Nations Cup 2019 tournament to decide which nation will represent Oceania at next year’s FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania.
The Solomon Islands National Futsal team (Kurukuru) are in Brisbane, Australia for a camp to prepare for the 2019 OFC Futsal Nations Cup which is also a qualification tournament for the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup.