Stephen McGettigan

The secret behind Port Futsal Club’s success – online episode – Thai Futsal

Nakhon Puangbuppa, president of the current Thailand champions Port Futsal Club gives an insightful, honest and interesting interview

Over 21 million viewers watch Fred and Magnus Futsal series

YouTube sensation, professional Futsal player Fred and Magnus Futsal club reach new levels of audience engagement in Brazil with TFW Marketing and YouTube Originals when they created the reality show “Vai pra cima, Fred” or “Go up, Fred”.

Futsal Association Uganda completes preliminary phase of its strategic planning

The Futsal Association Uganda has completed the second phase of its strategic planning process. The multi-phased 3 months process started with an internal data collection endeavor and later on expanded to its stakeholders in the second set.

Reach out and inspire for Futsal like Raoni Medina

Reach out and inspire as much as possible to help the sport of Futsal grow and that is what England Futsal International Raoni Media has been trying to do.

LNF bringing games to the masses in Brazil

The LNF (Brazilian National Futsal League) will once again be shown on open TV for the entire nation, which has not happened for over a decade.

The LNFS requests the CSD to qualify Futsal as a professional sport

LNFS has submitted an extensive report to the Higher Sports Council requesting qualification as a professional competition since the requirements to obtain such recognition are amply met.

FIFA postponing the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup to 2021

Postponement of the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup was finally announced today following a thorough assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goalkeeper influence on ball possession effectiveness in futsal

Aim of the study: Identify which variables best predict success in futsal ball possession when controlling for space and task-related indicators, situational variables, and the participation of the goalkeeper as a regular field player or not (5 vs. 4 or 4 vs. 4).

Miguelín: “The Champions League’s our priority – I want to take ElPozo to the top”

One of the finest players to grace Spanish futsal over the past decade who has tasted every emotion the sport has to offer.

England Futsal legend Stuart Cook takes on a new challenge at Bolton Futsal Club

Bolton Futsal Club announced today that they have appointed Stuart Cook their assistant 1st team coach and Director of coaching.