The USA won on penalties and will play Costa Rica in the CONCACAF Futsal Championships Final
The USA won their semi-final on penalties against Guatemala and will play Costa Rica in the 2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championships Final for the first time in 17 years.
CONCACAF Futsal Championships - poor quality performances or entertainment success?
CONCACAF Futsal Championships - poor quality performances or entertainment success? How will we look back on this year's competition in years to come.
2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championships final stages
2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championships is one of the best Championships we have watched from the region in a long time, anything could happen.
How important are the World Cup qualifiers for U.S.A futsal development?
Futsal Focus takes a look at the futsal landscape in the U.S and how qualification to the World Cup could aid the sport's development in America.
AFC representatives for the up and coming 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup
The AFC Executive Committee has decided on who three of their representatives will be, but will have a play-off for the other world cup places.
Haitian-Canadians to represent Haiti at CONCACAF Futsal Championship
A team composed of mostly Montreal residents with dual Haitian-Canadian passports will represent Haiti in the 2021 CONCACAF Futsal Championship in Guatemala next month.
Three withdrawals from the Concacaf Futsal Championship
CONCACAF Futsal Championship was originally slated for 16 teams split into four groups of four teams, but after the withdrawals will now feature 13 teams.
When Brian Laudrup played at the 1989 FIFA Futsal World Championship
In the year of our next world cup, we take a look back to the first ever competition to celebrate those who took part such as Brian Laudrup among others.
The Solomon Island's futsal facility dream to commence construction in 2021
“With the Futsal facility, we'll have more competitions in futsal here, and our international participation will be maintained,” SIFF President William Lai
Finland's FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifying campaign attracting national interest
Finland v Serbia FIFA Futsal World Cup qualifier reached 377,000 with an average of 119,000 people watching their national team try to qualify.

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