New Zealand Football confirm new futsal calendar for 2022
After a period of consultation with the futsal community, New Zealand Football can confirm that both the Men’s and Women’s Futsal SuperLeagues will move from September-October to February-April for the 2022 season and beyond.
Futsal Boys!!!!! anime delayed to 2022
Futsal Boys!!!!! anime delayed to 2022. The project includes a planned anime, smartphone game app, and actual futsal matches between the cast members.
Liga Paulista de Futsal introduces a new brand and commercial model
Liga Paulista de Futsal presented their management plan for the coming years with a new commercial structure and a new brand for the championship.
Sign petition to support futsal being included in future Olympic competitions
When will we see Futsal at the senior Olympics? Its been a dream for decades and one the futsal community isn't giving up on with this petition.
Rashida Adams earning her refereeing stripes in futsal in Uganda
The world cup in September will see history made when Gelareh Nazemi takes to the courts to officiate at the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup. However, in another part of the world another woman is making strides in the sport of futsal and that is Rashida Adams in Uganda. 
Magnus Futsal and Fred win the Sports Machine Award
Magnus Futsal is taking home the Fan Relationship trophy at the 2020 Sport Machine Award for their documentary series with YouTube influencer Fred.
US Youth Soccer partners with United Futsal to launch their first national championship
US Youth Soccer (USYS) is pleased to announce their partnership with United Futsal to help manage and launch their first-ever USYS Futsal National Championship, to be held February 25-27, 2022 in Oklahoma City, OK.
Brathwaite makes history in Barbados as the first national qualified Futsal coach
The Barbados Football Association is proud of its female staff member, Patrina “Pixie” Brathwaite as she has gone down in history as the first Futsal coach in Barbados
Football Victoria includes Futsal Focus on their website as a news resource
Football Victoria includes Futsal Focus on their website as a news resource for Futsal lovers and novices of the sport to learn about futsal around the world
Fluminense 'Futsal is our main gateway to football'
Manchester City are close to signing the 17-year-old Brazilian player Kayky from Fluminense who is recognized in Brazil as a product of early futsal development.