Futsal Development

Bloomsbury Football Foundation a benchmark for community engagement for amateur futsal clubs
Exclusive - Bloomsbury Football Foundation is a benchmark for community engagement for amateur futsal clubs and we discuss this with their founder Charlie Hyman.
U.S Soccer Foundation would support a U.S.A futsal team competing in the Youth Olympics in Senegal
Exclusive: The U.S Soccer Foundation is building min-pitches that resemble futsal courts so Futsal Focus contacted their President to learn what they think about Futsal.
Javier Lozano's message to English futsal community 'It took us over 32 years to get to where we are now'
Javier Lozano President of the LNFS speaks to the English futsal community about how they wish to help the sport's development in England, and how patience is needed when it comes to the sport's development.
Football Victoria State Futsal Championships were filled with emotions and excitement, attracting over 100 teams and over 1,300 people.
Portuguese Football Observatory looks at the growth of futsal in Portugual
Portuguese futsal has been booming since the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. Watch Hélder Postiga, a director at the Portuguese Football Federation talk us through a Portugal Football Observatory report on the sport's growth.
A New Era for Omagh Futsal Club in Northern Ireland
Founders Martin Cassidy and David Alonso used their time wisely coming up with a 3-year club development plan to rebuild Omagh Futsal Club club from the ground up.
LNFS and the NFL announces partnership to create LNFS ENGLAND
The Spanish LNFS has today announced a partnership with the National Futsal League in England, a collaboration which will create LNFS England.
Rosario Futsal Club from N.Ireland are a part of UEFA Futsal Champions League history
Rosario Futsal Club from Northern Ireland are a part of UEFA Futsal Champions League history featuring with stars of futsal and football in this year of COVID.
CONMEBOL and futsal development in South America
Exclusive: Futsal Focus spoke to Rodrigo Perez a Competition´s Coordinator for CONMEBOL´s Development Department to learn more about Futsal development in South America.
Futsal development in Costa Rica
Exclusive: Futsal Focus discusses futsal in Costa Rica and in the CONCACAF region with the head coach of their national team, Carlos Quiros Alvarez.