Meet Alice Evans Great Britain’s first professional female futsal player
Exclusive - Within the women’s game, Alice Evans is currently the pioneer from Great Britain when it comes to professional futsal which is an incredible achievement.
The LNFS clubs had a media return of € 37,245,535 in the First Division during the months of October and November
Media coverage and broadcasts on GOL, LaLigaSportsTV and regional networks have projected a media return of € 37,245,535 for LNFS First Division clubs.
Finnish Futsal International Panu Autio has been nominated by Finnish Sports for a prestigious Role Model award which is huge recognition for futsal in Finland
English futsal player Liam Palfreeman makes it 7 goals in 7 games in Italy for CUS Ancona
English professional futsal player Liam Palfreeman makes it 7 goals in 7 games in Italy for CUS Ancona in Serie B, and he is the club's top goal scorer.
Italian Futsal - Divisione Calcio a5 Presidential election
Exclusive to Futsal Focus - Election Day is upon us. On January 11, in Rome, the future Divisione Calcio a5 President will be elected, the candidates are Antonio Dario and Luca Bergamini
Magnus Futsal 'INVICTOS' web series now available online to watch!
Magnus Futsal from Brazil have created a 3 episode series giving viewers a behind the scenes look at their incredible season.
Magnus Futsal are undefeated National League champions
Magnus Futsal are undefeated National League champions. Altogether, 17 wins, 3 draws, and the best attacking line of the championship with 75 goals scored.
For the third year in a row Barca v Jaén Paraíso Interior in the Copa del Rey
For the third consecutive year, Barça and Jaén Paraíso Interior will play for the Copa del Rey title. The previous two fell on the side of the Catalans.
UEFA academy online learning - for free
UEFA's early Christmas present for the football and futsal industry by giving the public access to over 1,000 documents on the business end of the sport.
ACCS Futsal Club … the journey so far
Exclusive to Futsal Focus: Awais Chaudry Head of International Projects gives futsal enthusiasts an in-depth look at one of the most exciting professional futsal club projects in the world, ACCS Futsal Club in France.

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